3 Common Symptoms of Pain in Pets

Your four-legged friend can’t use words to tell you he’s in pain, but most pet owners can tell when something is off about their best boy or girl. Many different conditions can make your pet feel uncomfortable, and if you don’t act right away, that discomfort may worsen rapidly. That’s why we’ve put together this short list of indicators that can alert you when it’s time to take your furry friend to see the veterinarian in Lawrence, KS.

1. Excessive Grooming

If your cat, dog, or other friend with fur seems suddenly obsessed with grooming, they’re likely uncomfortable. Grooming includes licking, biting, and chewing of different areas of the body. These often include the paws, hindquarters, private areas, or nose. Animals groom themselves to keep clean, to regulate body temperature, and sometimes, as a form of communication — such as when they groom one another. But if your pet can’t seem to stop, it’s time to visit the vet.

2. Loss of Interest in Grooming

At the opposite end of the spectrum, pets who suddenly lose interest in grooming may also be trying to tell you something. It’s possible they have pain from arthritis and can no longer reach certain places on their bodies. They may also be too sick to be bothered, just like you may skip your daily shower when you’re down with the flu.

3. Restlessness

If your dog or cat can’t get comfortable, there’s usually a good reason. Pets who pace, who can’t lie down, or who try to lie down and get right back up do so for a reason. If you notice this behavior, call your veterinarian right away.

Other common symptoms of pain in pets include sudden aggression, whining, growling, hissing, loss of appetite, and having accidents in the house. All may be signs your very good boy isn’t feeling so great. If you suspect your pet is in pain in Lawrence, KS, call Gentle Care Animal Hospital today.

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