3 Ways to Prepare Your Anxious Dog for Boarding

Dog boarding can be a great experience for you and your pet, but not all pets easily make the transition to a boarding situation. If you have an anxious dog, it’s important to ensure that your pet is ready for their upcoming stay with the dog boarding team. Below are three things you can do to prepare your anxious dog for boarding.

1. Get Your Dog Their Shots

Most dog boarding facilities have immunization requirements for any dog that stays on their property. Find out what those immunization requirements are, and then speak with the veterinarian in Lawrence, KS. Your pet’s veterinarian can help you get your pet the shots they need to safely stay at the boarding facility.

Don’t forget to bring the record of your pet’s immunizations home with you, as you’ll need to bring those records with you when you check you pet in to the boarding facility. If you’re bringing your pet to stay at Gentle Care Animal Hospital, and our veterinarian is treating your pet, then your pet’s immunizations are already on record at our facility.

2. Try a Boarding Trial

Some pets just need to come stay at the boarding facility for a few hours or a day to see how they like it. You can bring your pet in for a brief stay any time, just make an appointment. If you’d like to help your pet adjust to life at the boarding facility, make several appointments for a few hours at a time, so your pet can adjust to the facility before a longer stay.

3. Send Your Dog With Something from Home

When it’s time to bring your pet in for dog boarding in Lawrence, KS, bring your pets favorite toy, blanket or dog bed, so they’ll feel more comfortable at the facility overnight. Having these reminders of home make many pets feel more at ease.

If you’re still not sure if your dog is ready for boarding, speak with the dog boarding team before your upcoming trip. Your dog boarding team should be able to give personalized suggestions to help make your dog’s stay at the boarding facility one that’s more pleasant overall.

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