5 Signs Your Pet Needs Dental Care

You know that you’re supposed to go see the dentist on a regular basis – but did you know that your pet should, too? Pets need dental care just like people.

If your pet doesn’t get dental care, they might develop cavities, gum disease and they may even lose their teeth. Dental conditions can be painful for pets, and expensive to treat. It’s better to keep your pet coming back to the vet for preventative dental care in Lawrence, KS.

1. Reluctant to Eat

If your pet is experiencing difficulty eating, this could be because of problems with your pet’s teeth. Pain in the mouth can make eating unpleasant, which could lead your pet to be reluctant to eat at all.

2. Missing Teeth

Have you noticed that your pet is missing teeth, where once teeth used to be? This usually happens when pets experience dental decay and dental disease. Missing teeth are a sign that your pet’s dental disease is advanced. Your pet may need veterinary care to save the remaining teeth.

3. Bad Breath

Pets develop bad breath because of bacteria in their mouth. Most pets have breath that isn’t fun to smell, but very bad breath could be a result of extra bacteria. Have your pet’s bad breath investigated by a veterinarian in Lawrence, KS as soon as possible.

4. Difficulty Eating

Does your pet struggle to eat the way they used to? This could be because your pet is contorting their mouth to get the food they need. This is likely because of dental pain, like pain in your pet’s tooth or gums.

5. Discolored Teeth

Check in your pet’s mouth to see what color their teeth are. Healthy teeth will be white, but unhealthy teeth may have black or brown spots.

If your pet hasn’t had a dental cleaning recently, contact us to make an appointment!

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