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How to Manage Your Pet’s Pain

Your pet can’t tell you with words when they are experiencing pain. In addition, some kinds of domesticated animals, such as cats, are known for doing their utmost to carry on, even though they’re actually in physical pain. As a loving pet owner, this is heartbreaking, since there are effective ways to get pet pain […]

Nervous About Boarding Your Pet with Gentle Care Animal Hospital? Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be  

Do you need pet boarding? What better facility to choose for your pet boarding needs than your pet’s veterinarian in Lawrence KS? It’s only natural to be nervous about boarding your pet, but if you’re boarding with Gentle Care Animal Hospital, you have no need to be anxious. We’ve got your pet’s best interests in […]

Spring Safety for Pets

Spring is a time when we do a lot of spring cleaning. It’s at this time of year, when we’re seeing to the needs of our house, that we should also remember to see to the needs of our pet. With your pet spending more time out in the yard, there are hazards that you […]

3 Common Symptoms of Pain in Pets

Your four-legged friend can’t use words to tell you he’s in pain, but most pet owners can tell when something is off about their best boy or girl. Many different conditions can make your pet feel uncomfortable, and if you don’t act right away, that discomfort may worsen rapidly. That’s why we’ve put together this […]

Dog Food Allergies vs Dog Food Sensitivities – What’s the Difference?

Dogs are not the pickiest eaters. In fact, many pet parents end up needing to seek internal medicine vet care in Lawrence, KS because the dog ate something they shouldn’t have. However, canines can also be prone to both dog food allergies and dog food sensitivities. What’s the difference? How do you know what is actually happening? […]