Nervous About Boarding Your Pet with Gentle Care Animal Hospital? Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be  

Do you need pet boarding? What better facility to choose for your pet boarding needs than your pet’s veterinarian in Lawrence KS? It’s only natural to be nervous about boarding your pet, but if you’re boarding with Gentle Care Animal Hospital, you have no need to be anxious. We’ve got your pet’s best interests in mind – just like we always do!

1. We Know Your Pet Almost As Well As You Do

If your pet comes to Gentle Care Animal Hospital for their veterinary treatments, then we have all your pet’s medical records on file in the event that something goes wrong with the health of your pet while you’re away.

In addition, we know your pet well, because we treat them in our clinic. That means that we have a sense of what’s normal behavior for your pet, and what isn’t. We’re ready to treat your pet if your pet has a medical problem in your absence.

2. We’re the Pet Healthcare Experts

Our staff are trained pet healthcare experts, so even if your pet doesn’t receive their healthcare at our clinic, we still know how to take care of pets like yours!

3. We Have Policies in Place to Keep Your Pet Safe

We have policies in place to keep pets like yours safe. Those policies are designed to help ensure that your pet has a comfortable and healthy stay in our facility. You can see all our policies on our website – or ask about them when you check in!

Pet boarding facilities can get booked up at the busiest times of year. If you’re going on a trip and need a safe place to send your pet, book your pet’s accommodations today. Get started with pet boarding in Lawrence KS by calling Gentle Care Animal Hospital.


Dog Food Allergies vs Dog Food Sensitivities – What’s the Difference?

Dogs are not the pickiest eaters. In fact, many pet parents end up needing to seek internal medicine vet care in Lawrence, KS because the dog ate something they shouldn’t have. However, canines can also be prone to both dog food allergies and dog food sensitivities. What’s the difference? How do you know what is actually happening? Here is a closer look at both canine health conditions.

Dog Food Allergies Explained

Dog food allergies don’t usually show symptoms immediately. Usually, this condition will be characterized by things like vomiting, diarrhea, or even skin issues. However, the problem can seem to get worse over time. This is because a dog food allergy leads to a buildup of inflammatory markers in the dog’s blood as they are exposed to a certain allergen. Allergens a dog may be sensitive to include certain grains, filler ingredients like meat meal, and even certain additives.

Dog Food Sensitivities Explained

Dog food sensitivities come about because the dog cannot properly digest some ingredients in the food they usually eat. Common culprits can be certain types of grains, additives for color or flavor, and even certain types of meat. Symptoms can happen out of nowhere, but if the food is not changed, the symptoms can persist and lead to a lot of health problems for the dog. You may notice the dog is dealing with diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, or even weight loss.

Talk to a Lawrence, KS Veterinarian for a Proper Diagnosis

Whether your dog is dealing with food allergies or food sensitivity, both are issues that need to be addressed by a veterinarian in Lawrence, KS. Reach out to us at Gentle Care Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment for a proper diagnosis.

4 Tips to Help Your Pet Stay Safe this Holiday Season

The holidays are a time when there are many new sights, smells and things to explore in your house – at least, that’s how the holidays seem to your pet! The holidays present many opportunities for your pet to get into trouble and potentially ingest things that could cause your pet harm. At this time of year, it’s important to maintain vigilance and protect your pet. By working with your pet’s vet in Lawrence, KS, you can keep your pet safe.

1. Protect Your Pet from Toxic Holiday Plants

There are a variety of plants that are associated with the holidays, and many of them are toxic to animals. Everything from poinsettias to mistletoe and holly – even your Christmas tree itself can be toxic to pets. There are many things you can do to protect your pet from toxic holiday plants:

  • Keep plants up and away from your pet’s reach
  • Use artificial plants instead of the real thing
  • Use barriers (like a baby gate around your Christmas tree) to keep your pet away

2. Keep Tinsel and Other Shiny Objects Away From Your Pet

Tinsel and shiny objects (like wrapping paper) can be attractive toys to energetic pets. Keep tinsel and wrapping paper away from your pet. If ingested, these objects can cause an obstruction in your pet’s digestive system.

3. Know Which Holiday Foods Aren’t Safe

Some holiday foods – like chocolate – aren’t safe for pets. Some pets will try to grab food when it’s in their space, so keep holiday foods (especially foods that are unsafe to pets) away from your pet.

Keep Your Pet Safe With a Visit to the Vet

Get ready for the holidays! Bring your pet in for a pet check up in Lawrence KS.

How Can I Help My Dog Adjust to Boarding?

Leaving your dog can be a traumatic experience for all involved, and the stress may even stop some pet owners from going where they want to go. However, boarding in Lawrence, KS doesn’t have to be so difficult for either of you. To make things a little easier, learn more about how to prepare your dog before you go out of town.

Try a Boarding Trial

A boarding trial of 24 hours or so can help your dog get used to the separation anxiety they undoubtedly feel. Before you even try this route though, maybe get your dog accustomed to sleeping without you for a few nights if their favorite place to snooze is your bedroom.

You’re also better off dropping them off in the morning (if you can), as it gives them more time to adjust to the new place before nightfall. These are small steps that can make a big difference in how your dog takes to a new environment.

Take the Comforts of Home

Rugs, blankets, dog beds: as much as you want your dog to be comfortable with you not being there, that doesn’t mean you should leave all their stuff off at home. Every boarding facility has its own policies when it comes to how much space your dog will have, but you should at least bring something that they find familiar.

Finding a Vet in Lawrence, KS

If you’re looking for a veterinarian in Lawrence, KS who will be gentle with your dog when boarding, Gentle Care Animal Hospital can help. Our staff can make the transition better so you can leave the guilt behind (where it belongs). Contact us today to learn more about our services.

What to Look For in Pet Boarding Facilities  

A pet boarding facility should be a place where you can feel you can leave your pet safely. Ideally, you want to find a pet boarding facility that will treat your furry loved one as well as they would be treated at home. You also want to be sure that your pet won’t be traumatized by the boarding experience.

Consider the Staff

You should take time to look at the staff and see if they are going to treat your pet right. Be on the lookout for people who are disinterested or have a bad attitude for indications that you may want to find a different place. The staff should be trained in how to care for animals. A vet hospital with a boarding facility is ideal.

Number of Residents

A pet boarding facility shouldn’t be overcrowded, either. If it is, it’s likely that your pet won’t be taken care of too well, since there may be too many animals to ensure that each animal gets adequate attention.


Pet facilities need to be meticulously cleaned. Pets that are in unclean environments can end up spreading problems from one pet to another, like fleas and ticks. The pet boarding facility should not have an unpleasant odor. This would indicate that the facility isn’t being cleaned properly and that some of the animals may actually be sick.

Ask For a Personal Tour

Before relegating your pet to any animal boarding facility, ask for a personal tour of the area where the animals are being kept. If you can’t enter the area due to possible disruption for the animals, then at least ask if you can peek in the doorway. A place that won’t let you see where your pet is going to be kept is not someplace where you should board your animal.

If you need pet boarding in Lawrence, we hope you will consider Dental Care Animal Hospital. We take care of your pet as well or better as you do at home. Contact us today!