Your Dog Is Pregnant? 4 Ways to Provide Care

It’s exciting when your dog is pregnant! To help your dog have a safe, successful pregnancy, it’s important to stay in regular communication with your veterinarian in Lawrence, KS. The following tips can help as well. 

1. Provide Calm, Non-Strenuous Exercise

Hard exercise can put stress on your dog and on her pregnancy. During this time, avoid going for long runs or starting a new exercise regimen. Instead, go for regular short walks and engage in light play time at home.

In the final three weeks of pregnancy, keep your dog close to home and away from other dogs. Instead of going for walks, exercise your dog through gentle play at home. 

2. Re-Evaluate Medications

Pregnant dogs can’t take all the same medications as non-pregnant dogs. Ask your veterinarian before administering any medications or treatments to your dog – including at home flea and parasite treatments.

3. See the Veterinarian

As soon as you suspect your dog is pregnant, contact your veterinarian. The vet will likely bring your dog in to do an ultrasound and blood test to confirm the pregnancy. Once your dog is farther along, the veterinarian can take x-rays to confirm the number of pups. 

4. Know When to Contact the Veterinarian

Should you notice that your dog isn’t feeling well, or that your dog is experiencing vaginal bleeding or vaginal discharge, contact the veterinarian. Do this as soon as possible to ensure that your dog experiences the appropriate level of care for her condition. Remember that illnesses can cause pregnancy complications. 

Is Your Dog Pregnant? Contact Us

As a reputable veterinarian, the professionals at Gentle Care Animal Hospital are proud to provide pet care in Lawrence KS. If you believe that your dog is pregnant, call today to learn next steps.