Why Are My Dogs Scratching Their Ears? 

Are your dogs scratching their ears repeatedly? They could have an infection. If they do, they’ll need to see the veterinarian in Lawrence KS. Knowing what causes dogs to scratch their ears a lot can help you decide when it’s time to bring your dog in for an appointment.

What Causes Your Dog to Scratch Their Ears

Dog ears contain yeast and bacteria. If your dog’s ears become moist inside, the yeast and bacteria can grow out of control, causing an infection. When this happens, your dog may do things like scratch their ears, shake their head or rub their ears against walls and furniture.

Symptoms of ear Infections

In addition to the symptoms listed above, you may also notice that your dog’s ears have an unpleasant odor. If you look inside their ears, you may see that their ears are red inside.

What You Can Do

You can prevent ear infections from occurring by keeping your dog’s ears clean and dry. Your dog’s veterinarian can show you how to do this the next time you bring your dog in for a veterinary checkup.

If your dog’s ears have already become infected, or if they’re showing signs of an infection, the best thing you can do for your dog is to get them treatment. Ear infections often don’t go away on their own, and can become very uncomfortable for your dog. Get your dog treatment as soon as possible to restore your dog’s comfort and keep them in good health.

If you’re concerned that your dog may need treatment, it’s time to make an appointment for a veterinary exam in Lawrence KS. Call Gentle Care Animal Hospital to make your appointment today.

How to Pick Your Pet’s Veterinarian

Picking the right veterinarian is important! Your pet’s veterinarian plays an important role in your pet’s well-being and also your pet’s quality of life. The right veterinarian will have the skills to help keep your pet healthy, the knowledge to help guide you as a pet owner, and also the people skills to make you feel comfortable that your pet is in good hands. If you’re looking for a veterinarian in Lawrence, KS, here’s what you need to look for.

Range of Services

The veterinarian you pick for your pet should offer a range of services including surgery, pain management, internal medicine and more. The more services your pet’s veterinarian offers, the more your pet’s veterinarian will be a one-stop shop for your pet. Some veterinary clinics even offer pet boarding in Lawrence KS, which means that you can bring your pet to the veterinarian when you go on vacation too!

Good Reputation

You should always bring your pet to a vet office that has a good reputation. The vet you choose should be known for having a way with animals, great customer service, excellent business practices, and a clean facility.

You can find out what a veterinarian’s reputation is by checking with people you know who have brought their child to that vet. If you don’t know anyone who has used that vet clinic, try checking references before bringing your own pet.

Skills and Experience

A veterinarian’s skills and experience says a lot about what they’re capable of doing for your pet. Choose a vet that has substantial experience with pets like yours. It’s best if the vet you select has been in business for many years, because they will have seen it all and will know how to care for your pet.

To find out more about how to choose the best vet in the area, contact Gentle Care Animal Hospital.