Tips For Managing the Loss of a Pet  

Over time, pets become part of the family. When a pet passes away, the grief can be just as strong as the loss of any loved one. Unfortunately, animals don’t live as long as humans, and their loss is something that many pet owners have to deal with sooner or later. When your beloved pet passes on, your veterinarian in Lawrence, Kansas sympathizes with you. Here are some tips for managing this tremendous loss.

Don’t Blame Yourself

No matter what the reason for the loss of your pet, it’s never right to blame yourself. Sometimes disease and injuries create a situation where saying goodbye is in the best interests of a pet. Other times, pets simply have accidents just like people and end up fatally injured. Death is a fact of life, and no one is to blame.

Talk About Your Pet

It’s important to have conversations about how you feel about losing your pet with friends and family members. Together, recall the most cherished moments with your pet. Remember when your pet made you laugh, or when your pet went on vacation with you. Saying goodbye doesn’t mean forgetting.

Consider a Little Service

If you have youngsters in the house, consider having a little memorial service for your pet. This ritual will help your children to process the loss and gives them a chance to express their grief within the safety of the rest of the family.

Save Some Mementos

While you may wish to donate some of your pet’s things after they pass, be sure to keep some mementos just for yourself. Whether it’s their favorite toy, their brush or something else, these little things can be a comfort when you feel their loss especially hard.

Your animal hospital in Lawrence, KS is always ready to work hard to keep your pet healthy. We’re here when you and your pet need us.