How Can I Help My Dog Adjust to Boarding?

Leaving your dog can be a traumatic experience for all involved, and the stress may even stop some pet owners from going where they want to go. However, boarding in Lawrence, KS doesn’t have to be so difficult for either of you. To make things a little easier, learn more about how to prepare your dog before you go out of town.

Try a Boarding Trial

A boarding trial of 24 hours or so can help your dog get used to the separation anxiety they undoubtedly feel. Before you even try this route though, maybe get your dog accustomed to sleeping without you for a few nights if their favorite place to snooze is your bedroom.

You’re also better off dropping them off in the morning (if you can), as it gives them more time to adjust to the new place before nightfall. These are small steps that can make a big difference in how your dog takes to a new environment.

Take the Comforts of Home

Rugs, blankets, dog beds: as much as you want your dog to be comfortable with you not being there, that doesn’t mean you should leave all their stuff off at home. Every boarding facility has its own policies when it comes to how much space your dog will have, but you should at least bring something that they find familiar.

Finding a Vet in Lawrence, KS

If you’re looking for a veterinarian in Lawrence, KS who will be gentle with your dog when boarding, Gentle Care Animal Hospital can help. Our staff can make the transition better so you can leave the guilt behind (where it belongs). Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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