Nervous About Boarding Your Pet with Gentle Care Animal Hospital? Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be  

Do you need pet boarding? What better facility to choose for your pet boarding needs than your pet’s veterinarian in Lawrence KS? It’s only natural to be nervous about boarding your pet, but if you’re boarding with Gentle Care Animal Hospital, you have no need to be anxious. We’ve got your pet’s best interests in mind – just like we always do!

1. We Know Your Pet Almost As Well As You Do

If your pet comes to Gentle Care Animal Hospital for their veterinary treatments, then we have all your pet’s medical records on file in the event that something goes wrong with the health of your pet while you’re away.

In addition, we know your pet well, because we treat them in our clinic. That means that we have a sense of what’s normal behavior for your pet, and what isn’t. We’re ready to treat your pet if your pet has a medical problem in your absence.

2. We’re the Pet Healthcare Experts

Our staff are trained pet healthcare experts, so even if your pet doesn’t receive their healthcare at our clinic, we still know how to take care of pets like yours!

3. We Have Policies in Place to Keep Your Pet Safe

We have policies in place to keep pets like yours safe. Those policies are designed to help ensure that your pet has a comfortable and healthy stay in our facility. You can see all our policies on our website – or ask about them when you check in!

Pet boarding facilities can get booked up at the busiest times of year. If you’re going on a trip and need a safe place to send your pet, book your pet’s accommodations today. Get started with pet boarding in Lawrence KS by calling Gentle Care Animal Hospital.


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