Preparing at Home for Your Dog’s Upcoming Surgery

Whether you are having your pet spayed or neutered or planning for some other type of veterinary surgery in Lawrence, KS, we understand how concerning it can be. While the surgery itself is the biggest step in the process, the aftercare your pet receives when they get home is just as important. As you make arrangements with Gentle Care Animal Hospital for your pet’s upcoming surgery, it is also a good idea to make some preparations at home.

Pick a Quiet Place Away from Other Pets and Children

The most important thing for your pet after surgery will be rest. It may be a little groggy after returning home and may need a little quiet time while on the mend. Pick a designated spot in your home away from other pets and children where your pet can stay in the days immediately after surgery. For example, if you have a quiet bedroom or a spot in the house that is usually quiet, designate this area as the comfortable recovery spot.

Create a Barrier to Prevent Roaming

After a dog or cat has undergone surgery, they may be a little disoriented and may feel the need to roam around a bit because they are uncomfortable. To make sure your pet does not get into a situation that could cause further harm, make sure you block off the area where you want them to stay.

Discuss the Details with Your Vet

Always get aftercare instructions from the vet before you leave the animal hospital after surgery. Every situation and every pet is unique. Therefore, you will need the specific instructions about aftercare from the vet regarding the specific situation, what medicines your pet may need, and how to properly take care of your pet.

Trust Your Pet’s Surgery to a Qualified Lawrence Veterinarian

With the best Lawrence veterinarian and good care for your pet, your beloved pet’s surgery can be a problem-free process. If you would like to discuss a specific surgery with our team, reach out to us at Gentle Care Animal Hospital so we can help.

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