The Importance of Caring For Your Pet’s Teeth

Your pet’s teeth are susceptible to the same problems that can plague human teeth. Without proper cleaning of your pet’s teeth, your pet may develop bacteria buildup, plaque, tartar, periodontal disease and gingivitis. While your pet’s teeth look different than human teeth, they need similar care and maintenance throughout your pet’s life.

Clean Teeth Mean Fresher Breath

Your pet’s breath may become odorous and unpleasant if you don’t care for their teeth properly. Infected teeth and gums harbor foul-smelling bacteria that give new meaning to the term, dog breath. With proper dental care, your pet may not have minty-fresh breath, but it will certainly be much better.

Dental Disease Can Lead to Heart Problems

Harmful bacteria in the mouth can travel through the blood stream and damage the heart. This may happen with advanced dental disease, but there’s plenty of time to avoid this scenario through proper dental care.

Lost Teeth Can Impair Nutrition

Your pet needs teeth to bite and chew their food. If your pet loses teeth, it won’t be able to beat properly and will lose access to vital nutrients necessary for good overall health. In fact, one of the common symptoms of a dental problem is a pet’s unwillingness to eat as usual.

Pets Can’t Let You Know of Issues

Another reason to routinely care for your pet’s teeth is that your pet can’t tell you when there’s an ongoing issue. The only way you can catch potential problems early on is by visually inspecting teeth on a regular basis. This is why your Lawrence, KS veterinarian always looks around your pet’s mouth when you go in for an exam.

If you’re uncomfortable cleaning your pet’s teeth, your vet will be happy to do it for you. To schedule teeth cleanings and exams with your vet, please contact us today.

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