What to Expect When You Drop Your Pet Off for Surgery

Here at Gentle Care Animal Hospital, our goal is to always use the least invasive treatment method for your pet. Whether it’s chiropractic care, laser therapy, or another of our holistic methods, we want your pet to feel better as quickly as possible.

However, sometimes we need to bypass using non-invasive treatment techniques and prepare your pet for veterinary surgery in Lawrence, KS. For example, your dog may have gotten a small piece of bone stuck in his throat or your cat may have broken a leg when she made a daring leap. We understand that leaving your pet with us for the day or overnight can make you feel anxious. Our surgical team hopes to inspire your confidence by explaining just what to expect.

Checking Your Pet In for Surgery

Our front office staff will greet you when you arrive for your pet’s surgery and ask you to fill out some forms. Please provide us with a valid phone number where we can call or text with updates on your pet’s progress and to let you know when surgery is over.

The Surgical Process

After you have completed all necessary paperwork, a veterinary technician takes your pet back to the surgery room for preparation. Our veterinarians provide customized anesthesia and pain relief based on the type of pet you have, along with breed, size, general health, and temperament. We use non-invasive, gentle ultrasound to see images inside your pet’s body before making any surgical cuts.

We provide consistent monitoring once your pet gets into the post-surgical phase. Heart rate, breathing rate, and level of consciousness are just some of the things our team monitors after veterinary surgery in Lawrence, KS. We also keep a close eye on your pet’s pain level so we can provide compassionate and humane levels of pain relief.

Feel free to contact Gentle Care Animal Hospital with additional questions about veterinary surgery.

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